We Can’t Go Back …

There are lots of places we can procrastinate in life but photography is not one of them. Moments in time are here for just that long, a moment. So many of the moments we preserve with photography are accidental. However, to achieve that perfect memory…to capture that once in a lifetime image (and that’s what they all are, they don’t repeat themselves)…requires a highly skilled professional artist/photographer and the desired members of a family to come together just once before the camera.
Making such moments happen sometimes takes work, particularly if one or more of those who are to be in the portrait are out of town. Someone has to take the lead. It can come in the form of a surprise. Mom calls the kids who live away and requests a very special birthday present…a portrait of her with the family. How can she be turned down, especially if others are willing to pay for a plane ticket. The organizer makes sure this golden moment happens.
If the planning is far enough in advance, say six months, and a strict committment is made, the reality of a perfect portrait can materialize. Who could possibly turn down mom for her birthday…or dad for Father’s Day?
If you have a group you want to get together but are having difficulty getting everybody in town or to a specific place at the same time, let us know. We specialize in making portraits happen and we’ll go the extra mile for just that reason.

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