The Portrait Experience

Pepito Masterpiece Portrait image of mother and child

The Design Session

Prior to the portrait session, a design consultant will work with you to design the look and feel of your upcoming portrait. They will ask questions to learn more about your family and lifestyle and discuss clothing, make-up application and details of the portrait session.

You will be given a tour of the studio gallery, where they will help you decide which portrait best complements your family and home decor; whether it is the burnished sepia, color or oil on canvas.

At this time an appointment is scheduled for a design consultant to visit your home for the in home design session.

In Home Design Session

A design consultant will visit your home to view the wall space where you wish to display your portrait or portrait series, and make suggestions on style, size, etc. Various areas of the home are explored and measured for positioning of the artwork.

The consultant will also discuss color and style of framing as it relates to the particular room where the art will be displayed.

The Portrait Session

This is the third step in the artistic process where the portrait creation begins to unfold. It’s a fun and interactive time, when the magic of Pepito’s lens captures the energy and soul of each family member.

We especially cater to children with videos, games and snacks to keep them happily engaged in the process.

A portrait session typically takes three or more hours, and concludes when Pepito feels that the very best outcome has been achieved.

Viewing Session

Less than a week following the portrait session, you’re invited to return to the studio where you will view the images from your session in the comfort of our plush viewing room.

A selection of the very best images will be presented for you to view. Once your choices are made we will initiate all the steps to the finished product: the perfect sized portrait on canvas, ready for your “unveiling”.


The final step is frame selection and we offer a wide assortment of the finest quality hand finished Italian mouldings from which you can choose. In a short time, your artfully conceived, beautifully captured and exquisitely framed masterpiece will be ready to grace your home and your life for years to come.

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