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Pepito Interview

At the Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO) meeting, December 2012,  prominent artists from our community Duncan McClellan and Pepito Masterpiece Portraits came together to discuss community outreach through the establishment of non-profits, successful business practices, and the consistent call to everyone to follow one’s true bliss.

Also, noted, during introduction was  Tampa Bay’s lost of long time artist, “Woo” (also known as Bill Correira) who courageously battled a tumor. After the surgery he continued to paint around St. Petersburg. His presence in the St. Petersburg art community will be missed, but will always be remembered through his extraordinary fish paintings.


Pepito spoke on the importance of following your bliss “Doing what you love and loving what you do.” Some helpful tips Pepito generously discloses when working with clients is that I asked myself “What can I do different to make this experience fun?” I  decided one of my niche and true passion was to imagine what I call the “Pepito Portrait Experience”  which is different for every client with an inference on the client preferences of pampering and relaxation.  Which include his personal make-up artist, Charles Lewis, for you and your family members.  Brunch, if you like or you may have Pepito’s personal chef, “Chef Steffan” provide a fabulous dining experience.

When I look at my clients and families as works of art.  My goal is to  decorate their  home with love so that when family and friends view their  portraits it speaks to them on a deep level about the love and connection they have for one another as  parent, child, and family.  Family Portraits serve as both a tasteful reflection of your individualized decorating style and a tribute to the ones you love.

No piece of décor testifies more eloquently to your belief in family than heirloom canvas portraiture. Fine portraits capture eloquent moments in time, and convey personal value longer than the finest home furnishings.  For more information about the Burnished Sepia portraiture style, phone 813.281.2829.

Interviewed as well, was Duncan McClellan, a pioneer in glass art, gave an exquisite demonstration of showing how artists can be and are successful in making money from art. He has shared helpful advice to artists and business owners alike who wish to flourish.  Duncan passionately advises artist to recognize their  individual creativity and to utilize these gifts in whatever form they come. Would you like  to know more about the joys of glass art creation, contact Duncan McClellan visit his website.

Additionally, during the evening the TBBO  gave a special thanks to Member of the month,  Dennis Fredrickson, founder of Solutions Resource Inc., and he is an invaluable resource to LinkedIn. Additional special thanks to author of Leader by Choice,  Shelly Walk, of  ”Walk Law Firm’, a dedicated consultant who provides specialized businesses law advice.   Lastly, raffle winning recipient Renee Mott received her  tickets to Wild Dolphin Cruise, Tampa Bay.



Pepito will transport his studio with the help of friends and staff to Metropolitian Ministries this Christmas Eve to photograph all the families residing at Metropolitian Ministries. I believe that whatever you give out you get back that is why I strongly believe in making contributions to the community. We have been working with the folks at Metropolitian Ministries for over  thirteen years to take portraits.  It is my privledge to service and give back.  I feel you don’t have to be a billioniare to give back;  Just give back a little-bit of what you do.  When it is all said and done the person you are giving to is really ‘YourSelf’ because we are all one and that is what christmas is all about “ONENESS”.    This year is no exception, I am very grateful and thankful for all the folks at the Miracle Center in St. Petersburg, for all the lovely stuffed animals and taking the time to infuse them with love for the children at Metropolitan Ministries.  A personal thank you to Mary Barbara and Stan Reedy, President of Reedy Photo Process.  Every year he donates 1 – 8×10, 2- 5×7 and 6 wallets at no cost WHAT SO EVER to me.




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