Paying Love Forward: The Pepito Experience

Pepito MasterPiece Portraits - Gift Certificates 2011I love Thanksgiving because families have an opportunity to get together.  I usually work the day before and the day after.  I am so excited because special experiences and memories are made from a mere moment in time and transferred into a portrait that will last from generation to generation.

Right now is the time that my Gift certificates are literally flying off my shelves as presents.  Some like to give present of the gift certificate now so that the recipient may have time to confirm an appointment for family and love ones for the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  I have a holiday special of one half off.  You can actually purchase a thousand dollar gift certificate for only $500.

I am told by many gift givers that they enjoy the fantastic experience of my process that includes thoughtfulness and many personal touches, such as, parchment paper for them to handwrite a note to the recipient.  People usually buy two or more at one time.  The brown box that receive contains the certificates wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and precious gift of filled with potential memories of love.

As a matter of fact here is a picture Mr. Greg Snow holding his gift certificates, two of them.  He is standing right outside my studio which is a very comfortable home-like environment.  Not stuffy here at Pepito’s Masterpiece Portraits.

My studio is my gift I give to my clients because is a house not a formal brick and mortar building that portrays the spirit of love, house, home, and family, whatever your family may consist of; the Pepito’s experience is open to one and all. 

Now is the time people begin planning portrait sessions around family coming in from out of town or often from other countries.  For many this is a once in a lifetime experience that they share as a unit together filled with fun, laughter, and sometimes, great food. 

Some clients like the complete Pepito experience, so, I have my chef, Executive Chef Steffan, an award winning international chef who freshly prepares intimate and special unique meals for my clients, designed around their delights.

We also bring in Charles who is a fabulous make-up artist and an expert in his field.  Whatever my clients’ desire I go above and beyond to make their experience a once in a life-time event.  I am so happy to see their smiles as they enjoy the ‘Pepito’ experience where we share moments that are special, rare and full of adventure.  Priceless !!!

I love their stories and everyone has a story to be told.  I can remember several families in particular who planned around family vacations to Disney World for the Holidays and included the “Pepito” experience to round out the memories of the trip and the holiday.  A NATO pilot, a family from France visiting in-laws, a mother planned a formal party and sent her son and daughter plane tickets as gifts.

I really love family. The family for me is a unit.  The Burnish Sepia portraits they receive last at least two hundred years.  Often the art portrait is passed from generation to generation.   My photographs are placed on canvas preserved as a painting. 

Pepito Masterpiece portraits are a visual artistic record of memories for families, couples, grandchildren, sibling, lovers and friends.


To all of my clients who bring in a new small stuffed teddy-bear to my studio, I will give you $50 dollars off your next bill at Pepito Masterpiece Studio.  The Teddy-Bears will be given to homeless children currently living with their families at Metropolitan Ministries on Christmas Day

I love paying ‘it’ forward as I volunteer every year to take pictures at no cost to Metropolitan Ministries and the children and families they serve.  Actually, I and all those who volunteer with me received the best gifts of all “Smiles of hope, Love and Faith.”  Happy holidays everyone!

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